Rash: From Reckless Interactions to Reliable Programs
William Gallard Hatch and Matthew Flatt
    GPCE 2018
Clotho: A Racket Library for Parametric Randomness
Pierce Darragh, William Gallard Hatch, and Eric Eide
    Scheme 2020
Expressive Parsing With Delimited Continuations
William Gallard Hatch and Matthew Flatt
    Unpublished Manuscript
Generating Conforming Programs With Xsmith
William Gallard Hatch, Pierce Darragh, Guy Watson, Sorawee Porncharoenwase, and Eric Eide
    Unpublished Manuscript
Implementation, Integration, and Application of Embedded Domain-Specific Languages
William Gallard Hatch
    PhD Dissertation, University of Utah, 2021